Chaos Faction 1

Chaos Faction 1 is a game sponsored by Armor Games. It is an interactive shooting game that will undoubtedly be on the taste of teens. In this game all you have to do is to defeat your enemy and to do not let him to push you from the platforms. The game has different modes and a Campaign that will provide you with different missions.

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As well, the game is allowing to the players to fight in teams alongside with their friends. The game supports 4 players. It also has different maps, highly creative made and a wide range of weapons. Each time you end a mission you can take a new weapon that will be picked randomly from the weapons inventory. When you will advance in the game, the saving of the missions will be made automatically.

Chaos Faction 1 is an incredible well done game. It has high quality graphic and spectacular sound effects. You will enjoy playing this game. The game is well build with several plots. In some missions you have to kill all the opponents in order to win that level. You have missions which can be done alongside with your friends.

There are missions in whom you have the chance to unlock different and unique weapons that can help you further as you advance in the game. In each mission you will have a certain number of lives. If you finish all your lives without managing to kill all the enemies the game will come to an end and you will lose. There are also levels to accomplish in which your lives depend on the ammunition. For example, you have only a few shots per life. Of course, if you finish those shots before killing all your enemies you will not survive, losing a life.

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How to play Chaos Faction 1

This game can be easily controlled with the help of some keys. If you want to move like jumping, going forward, backward and so on you can use the arrow key tabs. To put pause on the game you can use the space bar. Also, the game does not require manually save. The game will automatically save at each mission. For playing this game you need the application Flash Player. As the game is of a high quality, there is the need of a more performing computer. So, before starting playing it make sure that your computer works well enough to allow you this thing.

This action game will definitely entertain you. The characters are well done and you can customize them each time you have the chance. The wide variety of weapons allows you to choose any type of it, at any mission you want. You have snipers, shot guns, hand guns and special guns that can be obtained randomly after each mission. You also have the chance to test those weapons for finding out which one is more destructive.

The complexity of the game already attracted lots of interested players. Across the world there are millions of players that enjoy spending time playing Chaos Faction 1. Being a free online game has brought to the development of several communities where opinions and tricks about this game are discussed.

If you are in search of an excellent game that can offer you a good time you can choose to play this one. It is a short and entertaining action game that you will undoubtedly like. You don’t need to be extremely skilled in strategies and so on. All you have to do is to make sure that you kill as many enemies as possible.

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