Chaos Faction 2

Chaos Faction 2 is a sequel of the classic Chaos Faction game. It is the same action game but way much more improved. As the first game this one was also sponsored by Armor Games Inc. It is a full with action, shooting, weapons game that will undoubtedly make you extremely happy. This game is at a completely different level as the classic one. It has more levels, more actions, more guns and the plot is more complex than ever.

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During the game, you will have to deal with difficult situation because the difficulty of the game is increasing once with the levels. As deeper you advance in the game as difficult it would be. However, this is not necessary a bad thing as the weapons will be more destructive when you will upgrade in levels. Everything will change and in the final levels you will get part of more action than ever.

You will have to fight your way out through 15 new campaigns levels where you will get part of new weapons, special weapons, skills, moves, characters, explosions and so on. You will get part of new and excellent features that will prove to be of an immense help once you reach the final missions.

This is a spectacular game created in a fantastic way. The graphic of the game, the sound effects, and the maps are all made in a manner that will make the gamer more and more attracted by it. Everything about this game is enhanced to create for the player a new world. Chaos Faction 2 is one of the finest action games ever sponsored by Armor Games.

Features of Chaos Faction 2

As it was mentioned above, in Chaos Faction 2 were imbedded new features that are enhancing the game. These features are improved hand to hand combat, offline multiplayer, improved level editor, the ability of unlocking some game options, advanced character editor, and new achievements. The game also has a new death match mode which is called Plunger Match. All these new features are incredible and during the game you are going to use all of them.

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Depending on your skills you are going to have a big advantage in front of the other players through them. Of course, except the new skills you will also take a huge advantage of the new weapons, which in this game are more powerful than in the previous one.

There are persons that have issues when it comes to play the game. This is because their computers are not performing enough to support the game. If you want to play the game without having any issues you should reduce the quality of the game or to disable the Dynamic Screen from the Settings menu. In this way you will be able to play the game without interferences. The thing is that due to the excellent graphic of the game many players have issues. The game itself is of an extremely high quality so the players with better computers can experience a new level of game.

The controls for this game are easy to use. For going left, right, up or down you can use the arrow keys from your keyboard. In the game you will have two different kinds of attacks. For the first attack you can use the key Z and for the other one you can use the key X. If you want to drop the weapon you can use the D key and for holding with weapon to melee attack you can use the Shift one. Also, if you want to make a pause you can press the space bar.

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