Chaos Faction 4

This game is a sequel to the other Chaos Faction games. As you can expect from Armor Games, this action game comes at the package with new and more spectacular levels, new weapons, new characters and new plots for all the battles. You will also have three different game modes that will put at test your combat abilities as well some strategic skills.

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After all, in one of the modes you will have to fight alongside a team, and if you don’t know how to work in a team, how to lead your “soldiers” there are high chances to not finish the level unharmed. Everything in this game is of kill or you will be killed. The player has to kill as many enemies as possible in order to get to a new and more difficult level and as well for unlocking new and more effective weapons.

More about Chaos Faction 4

The game has three game modes. Each one of these game modes has several levels that you must finish. The three game modes are Campaign, Death match and Survival. In each of the game modes you will see that the difficulty of the levels starts with the easy one. You will have to advance in the game, to finish levels in order to reach a more difficult weapon and for unlocking more powerful weapons. Each game mode comes at the package with new plots.

In the Campaign you will have to fight in arenas with the boss of them. You must bring down the boss of each arena in order to upgrade and for getting randomly a new weapon that can be used for the rest of the game. In the Death match mode the player has the option of fighting alone in missions or to create a team that will help him. This option can be chosen right at the beginning of the mode. However, in each level of this mode you have to shoot down as many enemies as possible. You will have ten lives and if you lose all of them the game will end.

In the Survival mode the player will have to cross over new obstacles. There you will not have to fight only with the enemies but also against the time. There will be a chronometer and when the time stops the one who has more kills will win. This level also can be played single or with a reliable team.

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How to play Chaos Faction 4

If you will enter in the menu of the game and go at settings you will be capable of changing the key controls of the game. If not, you can use the following keys for having a perfect control over the game. The keys for movements as right, left, up and stomp or creating a shield are the arrow ones. If you want to attack an enemy you will have two different attacks. For the first attack you can press the Z key, while for the second attack you can press X. The game can be paused by pressing the space bar. The controls are quite easier and every player can finish the levels without a problem.

Chaos Faction 4 is an entertaining action game. The plot is quite interesting and the maps, sounds and the other features are all of a high quality. The graphic is of an excellent resolution so many players have issues trying to play the game. If you have issues you can try to low down the quality and you need an application installed on your computer. However, this will not be necessary if you have a good computer.

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