Chaos Faction games

Chaos Faction games are amid the finest and the funniest online action games that one can find on the internet. These games are made with a remarkable well done plot, with a lot of action and many options. Each Chaos Faction game has a different plot, but the principle remains the same. The player must defeat all the enemies for upgrading to other levels. During the game the player will get the chance to use a new and different weapon.


He has lots of options from where to choose. There are weapons as shot guns, hand guns, snipers, SMGs, and special guns. All these weapons can be unlocked each time you finish a match. After you finished a level the weapon for your next fight will be picked randomly. Also, in this game you can choose your characters. After that you can set their AI intelligence and you can also customize some parts of their bodies. You can personalize their eyes, hands and so on.

Each Chaos Faction game has several mods as Campaign, Death match and survival. Each mode has several levels where you must finish a different mission in order to unlock the next level. For example, there are levels where the player will be thrown into an arena. There, the player will have to fight with the boss of the arena and unless the player wins he will not be capable of upgrading to another level.

Also, there are other modes where the player will have to defeat several enemies. These levels can be finished by him or he can be helped by a team made by him. The level will not be completed until all the enemies die. In some levels you must make as many kills as possible as in other levels the player must gather as many points as possible. Each time you finish a level the points gathered in that battle will be calculated and submitted to the online score board.


All the Chaos Faction games can be played using the following keys for control: if you want to jump, make a shield or stomp, go left and right you can use the arrow keys from your key board. There are two attacks for each game and for making those attacks you can use the keys Z and X. If you want to make a pause you can use the space bar. However, you can change the keys that you will use in the game from the menu with settings. In this way it will be easier for you to defeat your enemies faster.

There are many Chaos Faction games as 1, 2, 3, and 4 and so on. Each one of them is way more enhanced than the previous one. For each one of these action games, the producers had come with something new as new combat skills, new weapons, and new characters and of course many new and more entertaining levels.

A new game will bring you a new skill as hand to hand combat or it can bring you a wider range of weapons that can be unlocked after a battle. You must be careful as in many levels the amount of ammo is limited. Even if, almost each level will provide you with ten lives there are levels where you can shoot in the enemy only 5 times and if you don’t finish it with those shoots you will not have another opportunity. The games are also divided in 3 different levels of difficulty. You have an easy level, a medium one and of course a hard one.

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