Chaos Faction walkthrough

Chaos Faction game has three different modes: Campaign, Death match and Survival. In the first mode the player will must confront the boss of every arena. Defeating him will unlock for the player new levels that are coming at the package with new weapons and characters.

For the second mode, the Death match one the player will have to personalize the game by making his own teams, rules and settings. As for the last mode, the Survival one the player will have to win against as many opponents as possible and after that the player will have to put the score on the online score board.

The game offers several options for selecting the character. You can enable or disable the character, to set its intelligence, to create a nickname for the character and so on. You also have options for personalizing some body parts of the character as the eyes, hands or legs. During the game, the player will also have the option of browsing unlocked characters.

The Campaign mode allows to the player to unlock a new and special character as well a new and special weapon, which can be used for the rest of the game, but that only after you finished an arena. The arenas have three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. For unlocking the last arena from one level you must finish all four default arenas. The final level will be unlocked when the other levels had been finished.

The Death match mode can be played single or with a team. You can choose how you want to play it from the options from the menu. When you will start the game you will see that there are different game types as First to X kills wins. At this type of game the one that kills first a certain number of opponents will win. The second type consists from Most kills after: seconds or minutes. At this type the player or the team that has more kills after a certain time will win.

The third type is The last standing. At this type, the player or the team that has the most lives left it will win. In the Death match mode there will be lots of weapons that can be used by the player and his team. For going through all the weapons you must click on the button “All” and you also have the option RANDOM for randomize all the weapons.

The Survival mode will give to the player 5 lives. The task is to finish off as many opponents as possible. A good thing for the player is that each opponent has only one life. There are 3 levels to complete here. The first 4 enemies make part from the level 1 and 2 and they are quite easy to defeat. However, the enemies that are stronger are in an unlimited number and you will have a pretty hard time with them. When the round will come to an end, they will calculate your score. For each enemy that you had killed you will get 1000 points. These points are then calculated with the ratio of time. This way, you can get a higher score that can be submitted later on the score board.

As for the controls of the game, you have the option of changing the keys that you want to use in the game from the menu with settings. Still, the classic controls are the arrow keys for movements as up, down, left, right and for attacking you have the Z and the X keys. Also, if you want to take a break from the game you can press the space bar.

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