Chaos Faction 3

Chaos Faction 3 is an entertaining game produced by Armor Games Inc. In this game you have the chance to battle with Al or your friends. It is a shooting game extremely captivating. The game is capable of supporting up to 4 players at the same time. It is a complex game that has more than 60 different weapons, 12 different maps where you can choose to fight and 5 original game modes.

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The game modes are: Last Man Standing, One Shot One Kill, Gun Game and Duck Defense. The game also offers a Campaign mode where you can personalize the characters. Also, the campaign has several levels that must be completed. This is a game that is capable to make the boring go away. As you can expect from Armor Games they once again produced an excellent entertaining game, with an outstanding graphic, spectacular sound effects and with a complex plot. Everything in this game is made by professional persons.

How to play Chaos Faction 3

The keys that are used in Chaos Faction 3 are the arrows ones for jumping, walking and going down and the Space key for pause the game. The game is quite simple. You have 5 different game modes, and each one of it has a different plot.

The first game mode is named Last Man Standing. At this mode you have to remain alive until the game ends so you can win. The weapons are provided in game. You can find them and pick them up from crates. At each mode, the gamer will have 10 lives. If you remain without those lives, the game will end.

The second game mode is named Last Man Standing (Team Mode). The rules from this game mode are the same as at the previous one, except that here the players will have to fight in teams.

The third game mode is named Duck Survival. This mode can be played by you or it also can be played by you alongside with a friend. The weapons necessary for this mode can be obtained randomly through crates or through the weapons box.

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The fourth game mode is named Gun Game. In this mode the player must kill all the enemies for upgrading the weapon. The first gamer that manages to kill all the enemies with a weapon wins the level. The number of lives in this game mode is infinite.

Finally, the last game mode name is 1 Hit 1 Kill. In this mode the player must kill all its enemies using the most powerful weapon from the entire game. However, there is a think that you must take in consideration. Be aware of how much ammunition you are using because you are allowed to shoot 5 times in a life, and in this mode you have only 10 lives.

The game offers to the players a wide range of weapons as SMGs, snipers, shotguns, handguns, special guns and so on. Before starting the game you have the option of testing each one of them to see how high the rate of the damage that these weapons can create is.

This game is a good shooting game. You will get diverse maps and lots of weapons that will help you to win against the enemies from the game. Each mode is exceptionally well made so you can enjoy every second spent in playing it. Chaos Faction 3 is a teen’s game, extremely creative and pretty funny. It is a game good enough to kill the boring. The instructions are easy to follow for anyone.

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